Paolo Rosselli was introduced to photography by Ugo Mulas at the age of 20. After the degree in Architecture he begins a series of long journeys in India with Arturo Schwarz. During these long stays dedicated to the architecture of the Hindu temple, he begins assembling photographic profiles of Indian cities. Since then, his approach to architecture through photography evolves in other directions to contemporary architecture in Europe; towards masters of modern architecture as Giuseppe Terragni, and in the direction of the past, the Renaissance architecture in Italy.

Beside this activity he has pursued specific researches on contemporary urban landscape and on the interiors of the home, seen as a place where people leave traces of their living. He was invited to the Venice Biennial in three editions: in 1993 he exhibited groups of works on signs and messages found in the cities; in 2004 he shows an exploration on the interior of the home; lastly, in 2006, he showed a group of images of contemporary cities as Mexico, Shanghai, L.A., Istanbul, London.

Recently, with the book Sandwich digitale and Scena Mobile published in 2009 and 2012 by Quodlibet, he has started to write on photography and about the changes in the perception of the real world in the digital age. In all, he is author of around twenty books. Paolo Rosselli was teacher of photography at the Milan Polytechnic for a brief period. He lives and works in Milano.



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